Our immersive 3-day Trail School is designed to enhance your skills while surrounded by breathtaking scenery in the Tavolara natural park, just a short distance from Costa Smeralda airport.

No need to worry about bringing your own bike and gear – we provide everything you need to join ours lessons and tours. From morning lessons to afternoon rides, you'll have the opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of Sardinia while honing your off-road riding abilities. By joining our Trail school, you'll also gain the skills – as well as a price-discount – to enter our main event, ''The Sardinia Ride'', a three- to six-day rally and adventure where we traverse the entire island from north to south, mostly off-road.

With high-level pilots guiding your journey, excellent accommodation and mouthwatering local cuisine awaiting you, this unique experience at the heart of the Mediterranean is available 365 days a year. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your off-road skills and create memories that will last a lifetime.

→ Bike recovery: Various techniques to recover a fallen motorcycle in various situations with minimum effort.
→ Body posture sitting & standing: How to stand and sit correctly on your motorcycle when riding off-road.
→ Cornering posture sitting & standing: Ideal body posture to aid you when cornering – for both seated and standing riding positions.
→ Figure of eight: How to make tight turns on low traction surfaces.
→ Slalom drill: Drills to train riders to make back-to-back, quick direction changes
→ Emergency braking: Correct braking technique and how and where to use it.
→ Inclines: How to control your motorcycle when riding uphill and downhill on dirt
→ ADV obstacle course: A selection of real world obstacles that you might come across on a trail and how to ride through them.
→ Trail ride: Diverse trial rides to highlight real world applications for all the skills picked up in the training session in wonderful locations.

Gain practical experience with the Sardinia Rides Trail School

The Sardinia Rides Trail School

Welcome to SardiniaRides Trail School, where you can learn the basics of off-road riding while immersing yourself in the beauty of Sardinia.

Learn from experts
Our team of experts from SardiniaRides will guide you through the fundamentals of off-road riding, providing you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to ride safely and confidently.

Ride through stunning locations
During your 3-day full immersion programme, you'll have the opportunity to ride through some of our most appreciated tour locations. The stunning landscapes and challenging terrains will surely take your breath away.

Join our master tour
Once you complete our Trail School programme, you'll be ready to join us on our master tour – The Sardinia Ride. This fully off-road tour takes you through the island from north to south, offering an unforgettable, pure motorcycle experience.

A unique motorcycle experience
At SardiniaRides Trail School, we offer a unique motorcycling experience that combines learning with adventure. You'll have a chance to meet like-minded riders and share your passion for motorcycles while exploring the beauty of Sardinia's motorcycling experiences.

The Sardinia Rides Trail School

Package Price

Rider: € 899.00 (incl. VAT per person)

Are you interested to increase your experience or do you have a special request for the “Trail School" i.e. as a group event? Please send us an e-mail for a quote.

Tour code: 104

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